About Us

About Nairaplay Online Community Platform

Nairaplay community is a social news and media platform where you can read news updates from different category of important information and download media files like Music, Videos, PDF’s, etc…

Nairaplay is not just a news and media platform, we are a mobile working affiliate network community; meaning we work from anywhere and anytime. Nairaplay Community Members earn cash rewards for their activities on Nairaplay even while sleeping. Yes!… We Do!

Nairaplay Community Members earn cash rewards from the platform for reading news, Watching Videos, Inviting friends to join the affiliate community, sharing news and media updates, etc… We do this to empower the youths, students, stay at home mom’s and every other person hoping for an extra source of legit income.

If you are not yet a member of Nairaplay Affiliate Network Community, I can assure you that you are missing out on our huge income opportunities though it is not too late to Join.


₦airaplay Affiliate Earnings Breakdown

We share our ads and referral revenue with you weekly when you make Nairaplay your community news and media household. Please Note that earnings breakdown are updated irregularly. Always check here if you suspect any changes.

Below is a breakdown of Nairaplay Affiliate Earnings:

  • Refer your friends and family to join Nairaplay community and Earn ₦200 for every successful registration (unlimited)

  • Earn extra ₦50 when your referred friends refer their friends to join Nairaplay community (unlimited)

  • Earn up-to 40% commission on sales for items sold via your Affiliate Link (Unlimited)

  • Daily Login Bonus – Earn ₦20 for daily login to your account. (once a day)

  • Read News – Earn ₦2 per confirmed news read (earn once per news read)

  • Sharing Posts – Earn up-to ₦1000 for visits referred from your shared posts (daily).

  • Watch Sponsored Videos – Earn Upto ₦100 per Sponsored Videos Watched. (Earn once per video. Please Note: You are required to watch full video and subscribe to the sponsored videos channel or provided social media links else, your earnings will be deducted for activity violation).