‘Church of Satan’ founder secures freedom, banished by community


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‘Church of Satan’ founder secures freedom, banished by community

‘Church of Satan’ founder secures freedom, banished by community

By Ugochukwu Alaribe

Ifekwe Udo, founder of the ‘Church of Satan’, has been banished by his community, Ebem, in Ohafia council area of Abia State.

This came after he had secured his release from prison custody over alleged involvement in the burning of government properties at Ebem Ohafia.

Residents of Ebem Ohafia community told Vanguard that Ifekwe, popularly known as ‘Lucifer’ would be lynched if he is seen around the community.

Apart from demolishing his church, also known as ‘Assemblies of the Light Bearer Greater Church’, the community also demands that his brothel in Ohafia must be demolished.

Ifekwe was granted bail following his arraignment with 17 others at the Federal High Court, Umuahia, over alleged burning of government properties.

Justice E. Asiago had granted bail to Ifekwe with the conditions that he must produce a traditional ruler or a recognized chief and a senior civil servant, as sureties. But Vanguard gathered that no traditional ruler or recognized chief was willing to stand surety for him due to the sensitive nature of his case.

The Judge also ruled that address of the sureties must be verified to ensure that the accused present themselves for trial.

It took eight days for ‘Lucifer’ to secure freedom as his counsel, Ibeka Esq, a retired Deputy Commissioner of Police, was said to have pleaded with the court to vary the bail conditions. The Court later agreed to accept any traditional ruler or recognized chief, not limited to Ohafia.

Following the adjustments, his counsel and family were able to get a surety from Umuahia who signed for his release.

However, after his release, ‘Lucifer’ could not return home as he was confronted with the news of his banishment by the Ebem community.

Sources told Vanguard that ‘Lucifer is said to be taking refuge at a town in Imo state pending when he will reconcile with his community.


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Source: Vanguard News

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