About X3coded Marketplace

What is X3coded Marketplace?

X3coded Marketplace is a free classified ads Section of our website where you can buy and sell almost anything. You can Buy, Sell, Rent and also request for products & services. Buy and sell anything from ✓New & used Electronics to furniture, real estate, mobile phones, laptops and other items!. It only takes 2 minutes to post an ad and it’s 100% free!.
February 27, 2020.


Is it Free to use X3coded Marketplace?

Yes, Buying and selling on X3coded Marketplace is 100% FREE and will always be.

How can I find an item on X3coded Marketplace?

It is easy. Just visit: X3coded.com/marketplace to see a list of all items posted for sale or you can use our listings search form for quick search. Enter details like Keyword (The name of the Item you wish to buy), Select your Location, Product Category etc… Then Click on Search Listings. As seen in the Screenshot below; Thunkia deals search form

Account & Registration

Do I have to register to use X3coded Marketplace?

You can browse and buy ads on X3coded Marketplace without any registration. But to sell or post a request on X3coded Marketplace, registration is required so that you can enjoy the full experience of the website.

How do I register an account?

If you register on X3coded Marketplace, your own personal account will be created. Your account will help you manage all your ads activities on using one interface and one single password. You can then edit, delete and manage all your ads easily. To register, Visit: https://x3coded.com/my-account/ or CLICK HERE

Managing Ads

How do I post an ad?

Post your ad by clicking on the Add New Listing or Post an Item/Request Link/button from your User Dashboard. Fill in the information concerning your ad, upload pictures (Real Photos sell faster) and click on Add Advert. All submitted Ads are reviewed and published by our content theme which might take a while. Please do not Resubmit or Post an already submitted or Published Ads.

How can I edit my ad?

To edit your ads, click on “My Listings” in your User Dashboard Tab. This will display your submitted and Published Ads. Then select the Ads you wish to edit and click on the edit link. Please Note that All ads are manually reviewed by our team so it can take up to 30 minutes until your changes appear online.

How and why should I delete my ad?

You can delete your ad when you have sold your item or decided it is no longer for sale. To do so, please access your ad and click on the “Delete” button. NOTE: You must be logged in to do so.

How can I share my ad on social media?

You can share you ad on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or other social media. Go to your ad page and click on the icon of the social media you want to share it on. Otherwise just copy and paste the link of your ad on the website of your choice.

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