Sell Items fast on X3coded Deals

1. Choose the right price

To choose the right price for your item, you can browse similar ads on our website. The more competitive your price is, the faster you will sell your item. If you offer services, you may choose to set your price on call so that you can discuss pricing with the customer via phone call or set your price to negotiable.

2. Specify the Brand and Condition of the product in Ads title

Specify the brand of the product you are selling or making request for and include the Condition if it is New or Used in the title of your Ads

(e.g: Fairly used Hp 6710b laptop for sale).
Brand in the above example is Hp and the condition is Used.

3. Write a detailed description

A detail description of your item will make it easier for the buyer to understand what you are selling. Make sure to keep the title short and clear.

4. An ad with pictures gets 7 times more views!

Add to your description one or several real pictures of your item using different angles and good lightening. You will sell your item seven times faster!

NOTE: If what you offer is services, then make sure you use a catchy title for your service Ads such as “I do home repair of all kind of generators”, I will help you type any kind of document etc…” and include detailed description of what your service is all about and don’t forget to read our safety tips before posting your ads.


How to Sell your Mobile Phone or Computer

If you are listing your Mobile Phone or computer on X3coded Deals, you might notice that your ad will not stand out from others. This is our best advice to help you sell your Mobile Phone fast

1. Post a Picture

Most of the searches are filtered by “ads with picture”. Make your picture look clean, use good lightening on your product and upload as many pictures as you can (especially the brand name and the damaged parts if existing).

2. Be Up Front About Your Products’ Condition

Don’t forget that X3coded Deals is a marketplace for new & used items. Buyers will appreciate if you are honest about the condition of your item, so do not forget to mention the damaged areas in the description or show them in the photos.

3. Be Reasonable on Pricing

To get an idea of the price of your phone, look for similar products on X3coded Deals. Picking the right price will help you sell your phone or computer right away.