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Microsoft Office (Ms-Word) Note – Ultimate Beginners Guide.


This Microsoft Word Note is an eBook of Seven (7) Chapters and Thirty-six (36) Pages. It covers all Topics on Ms-Word such as How to Use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word Environment, Creating Tables, Copy, Paste, Edit, Font, font styling as well as how to Preview and Print out Completed documents in Ms Word. (Details Picture/Image Guides included).
Size: 10MB


Table of Content

Introduction to Ms Word for Window
Screen Layout of Ms Word
Getting to Ms Word Environment

  • Chapter One: File Menu (Creating a File Menu)
    How to Save a file for the first time
    How to resave
    How to Close a file
    How to exit or Close Ms Word
    How to Open a file
    How to display a New Page
    how to Set up a page.
  • Chapter Two: Editing Document (Edit Menu) – How To:
    Copy and Paste
    Cut and Paste
    Undo typing
    Redo Typing
    Select all text
    goto, find and replace.
  • Chapter Three: Viewing Document (View Menu) – How to:
    Set Print LayoutRestore Ruler, Drawing, tool bars e.t.c…
    Apply Header & Footer
    Full ScreenZoom the Screen
  • Chapter Four: Formatting Text (Format Menu) – How to:
    Change font, Font-Size, and Font Style
    Font Color, Underline Text, Text effect, Apply effect to text Indentation, Line Spacing & Alignment
    Change Case
    Creating News Paper Column
    Drop Cap & Giving Background colours
    Borders and Shading
    Bullet & Numbering
  • Chapter Five: Inserting Text or Object (Insert Menu)
    Paging Document
    Inserting Symbol
    Inserting Graphic Pictures, Word Art and Objects
    Inserting Closing Remarks & Salutation
    To draw line, Rectangle & Circle
    Group & Ungrouping objects
    Send Object to front or back of Text
    Rotating objects
  • Chapter Six: (Tool Menu)
    Spell Check and Grammar
    Word Count
    Envelop & Labels
  • Chapter Seven: Creating Tables (Table Menu) – How to:
    Create Table
    Insert Additional Rows or Column
    Select Table, Row & Column Merge Cells
    Split Cells Distribute Rows & Column Evenly
    Delete Table
    Adjust Column or Row Height or Width
    To sort text or Number in the table
    Convert table to text or text to table
  • PRINTING: Printing Documents
    Reviewing Document
    How to Print Document.