Add a music player in Blogspot

This free Audio Player Code Generator will enable you to create responsive HTML5 audio player for your Blogger websites. It directly plays mp3 files and works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and other browsers. See Example below:

How to add a music player to blog post on Blogger

Before you can add a music or Audio Player in Blogspot or Blogger post, You first need to generate the HTML5 audio Player code using the Audio Player code generator tool below. This code generator will generate an HTML code for audio player of the Music you want to Embed so that your blog reader can play the song online first before they download it if they wish to.

Audio Player Code Generator for Blogger

Generate code for audio player

Preview of audio player will appear here

How to Use Audio Player Code Generator for Blogger

To use the Audio code generator, Copy the direct link of the music you want to embed on your blog post and paste it in the Audio player code generator above. Paste it as the section where it say “Add your URL” and then click on Generate Code and Copy the generated Code as seen the the screenshot below:

free audio player code generator for blogger

How to Embed Audio Player on Blogger

While using the compose tab in Blogger, write the main content of your post as normal, then place your cursor where you would like the audio player to appear. Then switch to the HTML mode of your blog post composer and paste your code from the HTML code generator above into your blog post before switching back to compose and complete your post/article on blogger. see screenshot below;
Compose and html tabs in blogger
Please Note that whatever song you wish to embed in your blog post must already be uploaded to any online hosting service you can afford. Below are some free hosting services you can use to host your files/music for your audio player;

Hosting files for your audio player

Blogger does not allow us to upload or host audio files, so in order to add an audio player you will need to find a host for your mp3/ogg files.

While Blogger Help suggests hosting providers which offer free and premium packages, I anticipate most of you would prefer a simple free solution, so here are a few suggestions:

Once you have uploaded your audio files, make a note of the direct link to the file which you’ll need to add in the code for your audio player.
Hope this was Helpful? I will really appreciate you comment and feedback. Also, let me know if you need assistance via comment.