• Guideline Changes

Any major change regarding the below guidelines that impacts the vendor operating model will be communicated via Email to vendors. Vendors are required to keep the registered email up to date in Seller Center (Settings >> Vendor’s Profile >> Email Address).

  • Commissions

Thunkia takes 5% commission on all sales made through this platform for adverts and promotions…
(NOTE: Commissions are deducted only when purchase is completed). We do not charge you for uploading or advertising your products.

  • Product Creation Guidelines

The vendor is responsible for creating products on Seller Center as well as uploading pictures and content that meet Thunkia’s expectations. THUNKIA staff will review and quality check each product to ensure they are compliant with Thunkia’s expectations. A product will not go live unless it meets all requirements.

Products Not Allowed on Thunkia

Our reputation here on Thunkia is only as good as that of our vendors, so we do not allow the sale of such products as Drugs, illegal articles, or any item that breach trust, as it poses risks to our entire marketplace. CLICK HERE to View List of Products that cannot be sold on Thunkia.

  • Image Guidelines & Resizing Tool
  1. You can upload up to 8 images for each product in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.
  2. Maximum file size is 1MB.
  3. First Image will be the main image of your product.
  4. First Image should be the front view of the product
  5. Watermarked images are not allowed
  6. Background of the product should always be white
  7. Image size should always be 680×850 pixels. If your image is between 1000×1000 and 2000×2000 pixels, you should use an image crop tool like Photoshop, inshot, Photo-compress, etc.. to re-size, rotate and crop your images before you upload them here.

You can Contact our Customer support team for assistance via Email: Support@thunkia.com