The sale of  illegal articles is forbidden onThunkia (below list is non exhaustive):

  • Currency, valid invoices from any country. Fake money and every product which counterfeit financial instruments.
  • Every financial instrument disapproved by applicable financial controlling authorities
  • Stolen or counterfeit goods
  • Illegal substances and products sold to produce, modify or consume illegal substances. Drugs, medicines, steroids…
  • Plants and animals threatened by extinction. Fur, organs, part of animals…
  • Any explosive material
  • Flammable material
  • Fireworks, ammunitions and every manual which would explain how to build bombs and explosives
  • Articles considered as being part of the historic patrimony
  • Every article related to hacking
  • Weapons and items related to ammunitions, bullets…
  • Fake IDS, fake birth certificate, driving license… Or any fake document
  • Organs
  • Items related to pedophilia, pornography, naked children…
  • Therapies
  • Every item which contravene to intellectual property

Thunkia’s reputation is only as good as that of our vendors, consequently, should any listed item breach trust, it poses risks to our entire marketplace.

Thunkia will enforce, the following procedures:

  1. 50,000 Naira risk compensation on first occurrence of detection of a listed replica or fake.
  2. On the second occurrence, to ensure to give ample time for a vendor to delist a replica or fake without exposing our collective reputation, store will be suspended until written commitment is made to and store checked.
  3. Thunkia will be fully transparent to legal authorities investigating cases of alleged breach of trademarks on the platform.

Please be aware that Thunkia will abide by the law and share any relevant information about every vendor subject to legal investigations regarding this topic.