Thunkia is an online marketplace (or online e-commerce marketplace) for electronics, fashion, skin care products and more. The main function of the platform is to connect sellers with consumers.

Things To Consider Before Knowing How To Sell On Thunkia

Here at thunkia, like most e-commerce platforms, we have certain conditions that ought to be met before you can start selling. Below, we discuss the must of such conditions to be met before selling here at Thunkia Online Marketplace:

 1. You Should Have Brand New Products

Thunkia doesn’t accept the sale of used or refurbished products, meaning you can only list new products. Plus, ensure that the products you plan to sell does not feature in our list of banned and restricted brands/products. You can click here to get a complete list of Products that cannot be sold on thunkia.

2. You Should be an Authorized Seller of a Brand/Product

In the case of branded products, ensure you’re an authorized seller of that particular brand. Authorization comes in various forms, including licenses and trademarks. This is important to protect both the seller and the brand owner.

3. Apt Pricing

Thunkia online marketplace offers premium quality products at affordable prices, which is a welcome move for the customers/end-users. So, if you’re planning to sell costly high-end products, then thunkia might not be the right place for you.

4. You Should Have At Least 5 Items To Sell

It is important that your online shop at Thunkia has a minimum of five (5) products so that customers visiting your shop at thunkia will be delighted to find more products they may love to purchase from your store.

You Need a Bank Account

Thunkia pays directly into your bank account. So, you should consider opening one before you start selling on thunkia.


What Can You Sell on Jumia Market?

In Jumia, there are extensive categories of products you can sell. Below is a list of items that sell on Jumia:

  • ● Electronics (television, projectors, cameras, sound systems, etc.)
  • ● Phone & Tablets (mobile phones, tablets, and accessories)
  • ● Computing (laptops, printers, scanners, software, networking services, etc.)
  • ● Health & Beauty (hair care, fragrances, makeups, etc.)
  • ● Home & Office (cookware, appliances, furniture, bedding, etc.)
  • ● Grocery (laundry, cooking, toiletries, beverages, etc.)
  • ● Fashion (wearables, jewelry, watches, etc.)
  • ● Baby Products (toys, apparel, diapering, etc.)
  • ● Automobile (car & motorcycle accessories, safety equipment, etc.)
  • ● Sporting Goods (sport & fitness, cycling, camping, etc.)
  • ● Gaming (play station, video games, etc.)
  • ● Other Categories ( livestock, musical, gardening, movies, etc.)


What You Can’t Sell on Thunkia

What Are The Conditions Required To Sell on Thunkia?

As a seller you need to:

  • ● Be at least 18 years of age, or selling under the supervision of a legal guardian or parent
  • ● Take responsibility for all activities regarding password and account.
  • ● Ensure business transparency and maintain high-quality products and standards. Remember, The Thunkia Team does routine quality checks for verification of products before shipping/order delivery.
  • ● Maintain price parity for your products, both in Thunkia and other platforms. For instance, you shouldn’t sell a product at a lower price on another platform than the price listed on Thunkia.
  • ● Grant Thunkia the permission/access to your products, branding materials, and trademarks for promotional purposes.
  • ● Invest in, or carry campaigns to promote your product.
  • ● Complete the registration process and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • ● Ensure no product is out of stock. Maintain zero percent Out Of Stock Rate
  • ● Maintain a quality Return Rate of less than 2%
  • ● Have a customer product rating of not less than 3 stars
  • ● Ensure the product comes with a warranty where applicable


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